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Aaron Heintzelman

  1. MIAA: Playoff picture & conference title outlook remain hazy for top teams

    With Pittsburg State's dominating win at Northwest Missouri this week leaving both at 6-1 and tied atop the MIAA standings, the Gorillas and Bearcats are (if they win out) locks to get into the playoffs, right?


    So they both need help then?


    After 7 weeks of the D2 Football season, 5 undefeated teams at the top of Super Region 3, five 1-loss teams, earned access and even 5 more 2-loss teams leave the playoff picture for the ...

    Updated 10-19-2014 at 02:38 AM by Aaron Heintzelman

  2. MIAA TANQB: No change – yet – in the Top, Almosts & Not-Quites

    I feel like a lot of things happened last week, yet this week’s TANQB – my MIAA power rankings of the Top, Almosts, Not-Quites and the Basement – looks almost exactly the same as last week.

    I can assure you that won’t happen next week, though, as 1 plays 3 and 2 plays 5.

    As big as this week’s Pitt-Northwest game is, and believe me – it is, I WANTED to make it a 1v2 matchup, but I still have to go with UCO over Pitt, for now.\

    I’m interested to see how ...
  3. MIAA Week 6: 1 heavy favorite and a bunch of 'could go either ways'

    There’s some good matchups this week in MIAA football. I think 5 of the 6 games really could go either way, with Northwest Missouri being the only HUGE favorite.

    As we look ahead into weeks to come, remember that 3-loss teams are OUT of the playoff hunt. Two loss teams need to win out AND get a good deal of help. Heck, the conference’s 1-loss teams may need some help, even if they win out.

    The MIAA got a “little” help Thursday night when previously-undefeated Humboldt ...
  4. MIAA: A slap on the wrist, a brief playoff picture and this week's TANQB

    This year has been fun, to say the least. Things aren’t exactly shaping up like we expected. Sure, a lot of that is due to the all-inclusive MIAA schedule that doesn’t leave any room for non-conference games.

    But regardless of where your stance is on that topic, we can all agree it’s been an interesting first 5 weeks to the 2014 MIAA football season.

    For Washburn, interesting might not be the right word. Disappointing? Probably. And that might play a small part in what ...
  5. MIAA: Only thing 'hands down' about the TANQB is the mess in the middle

    Well, at least I was right about their defense. I think.

    My 'hands down' pick for the No. 1 team in the MIAA Top, Almosts, Not-Quites and the Basement - and the country - sure proved me wrong last week, as Pittsburg State apparently forgot that first downs were their friends on Family Day against Fort Hays.

    I still love the Gorilla defense, who still (with a few asterisks, sure) hasn't allowed a score through four games, but to say there's a few problems in Pittsburg ...
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