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Aaron Heintzelman

  1. Division II football title game moves to soccer stadium in Kansas

    If you take that headline out of context, you might think this is a bad thing. But fret not D2 fans, particularly those here in MIAA country, this is awesome.

    The NCAA announced Wednesday that the Division II football title game will be played at Sporting Park, home of 2013 MLS Champion Sporting Kansas City. For those not schooled in the oft-confused geography of the matter, the big Kansas City is in Missouri. But this Kansas City is in Kansas, right across the state line from Kansas ...
  2. Why Emporia State deserves to be in the top 6 of Super Region 3

    It seems pretty overwhelmingly clear. At least one pretty darn good football team is going to be left out of the playoffs in Super Region 3. Maybe 2.

    As it stands right now, 8-0 Emporia State would be on the outside looking in. To me, that’s absurd. I get that they have the 6th-worst SOS in all of Division II, and before last week, their positioning in the Regional Rankings didn’t really bother me.

    But it does now. Emporia deserves a spot in the Top 6 of this region. ...

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  3. The Week 6 High 5 and this week's winners in the MIAA

    I think two things are becoming clear as we cross over the halfway point of the 2013 MIAA football season.

    1. The top half of the league is as strong as ever, with the conference’s 5 unbeaten teams all nestled firmly in the Top 25.
    2. The middle of the pack may not be as strong as we had hoped.

    Central Missouri and Lindenwood “are just not good teams,” as one of my Twitter buddies put it Saturday after the Mules’ and Lions’ surprise losses. That might be a slight ...
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  4. No changes to High 5, plus this week's action in MIAA football

    Let’s face it. This week’s slate of MIAA games is even less interesting than last week’s. Hold your ground though, fans. We’ll get through this together and the last three weeks of the regular season is worth any punishment we have to endure until then.

    High 5

    In my awesomely-scientific, you-can’t-argue-with-this rankings this week, not a lot has changed. In fact, nothing has changed.

    1. Northwest Missouri
    2. Missouri Western
    3. Washburn ...
  5. D2 players picked in NFL Draft & MIAA free agent tracker

    The 11 players from D2 Football picked in this year's NFL draft is more than the past two years' drafts combined.

    Missouri Southern DT Brandon Williams was the first and only D2 guy taken Friday. The Baltimore Ravens took him with the 94th overall pick in the third round.

    PHOTOS | Brandon Williams

    Other MIAA players selected were Missouri Western DE David Bass (Oakland) and Northeastern State OT Michael Bowie (Seattle). They both ...

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