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Jon Guddat

  1. Things to be thankful for...

    I'll make the comments brief, but a few things to be thankful for (with a football twist, of course) this time of year.

    I'm thankful for...
    * A great sport at any level, but something unique at the Division II level.

    I'm thankful for...
    * The fan base: While the fan bases at the Division II level might not get the attention of LSU's Death Valley, Michigan's Big House or Penn State's Beaver Stadium, each team has it's own respective group ...
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  2. By popular picks for the Division II playoffs

    Nobody demanded them, but I figured I throw my hat in the ring to the round of 24 to see how well I truly know the NCAA Division II Super Region 3 and beyond. Let's be honest, it's a crap shoot at times. Sometimes games are obvious, sometimes the championship game is a let down and the quarterfinals and semifinals act as the true championship. What really matters is the top 24 teams in the nation (subjective, but at least 88% right, which is pretty good) battle it out starting this weekend. ...
  3. Final weekend, with a glimmer of hope

    Let's be honest, for Azusa Pacific to be 9-1 on the season, ranked 19th in the nation in this week's poll, the outright GNAC champion and still be on the outside looking in for the playoffs, it's a slap in the face. It's reality and it's fair (yes, it's fair, given the parameters the NCAA has set), but it still hurts.

    Let's take a look at these rankings for the 154th time this week:

    1. Minnesota State
    2. Ouachita Baptist
    3. Minnesota Duluth ...
  4. Getting closer to the end, or hopefully more answers!

    As a blogger, it's important to stay as non-biased as possible, but forgive me for showing some nerves this week.

    As much as I don't want to admit it, it's going to take some big time help for Humboldt to get into the playoffs. The Lumberjacks are good, but the loss to Azusa Pacific and going with a bye week last month instead of another out of conference D2 game (those are harder to come by than it is to defend Terrell Watson) could be their undoing. At this point Humboldt needs ...
  5. What's getting more attention, the rankings or the games?

    I like scenarios and I hate 'em at the same time. Everything always looks great on paper, every time. You control the variables on paper, which many times are uncontrollable in life. Ever since Monday afternoon, the message boards have exploded with opinions, scenarios and facts (I use the term "facts" loosely). It must be regional ranking season. Pages of talk, but only a few people have chimed in with "the games still have to be played!"

    But for the GNAC, the games ...

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