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Jon Guddat

  1. Week 7 prospectus

    Well, let's take stock of what we have here this week. GNAC followers knew Simon Fraser, Dixie State and South Dakota Mines would take their lumps this year. SFU with the new coaching staff, Mines with the fact that the Hardrockers are still transitioning and Dixie has always been those teams that can pull off a surprise, maybe two, but doesn't see the top of the standings.

    With the rest of the field, Humboldt State and Azusa Pacific are clearly tops in the GNAC with Western Oregon ...

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  2. Let's look at the rest of Week 6

    Well, to say I was wrong about the Azusa Pacific-Humboldt State contest would be an understatement. Given the rest of the slate of games in the GNAC this weekend, I'm confident I'll have the winners picked better this time around.

    Western Oregon (0-0 GNAC, 2-3 overall) vs. Dixie State (0-1, 0-5)
    Six games into the season and Western Oregon finally gets to play a GNAC counter.

    This contest is going to feature a ton of passing. It isn't a stretch to predict both ...
  3. Game of the week is two days early

    All games are highlighted for one reason or another. There's no secret why round two in southern California is circled on everyone's list.

    Game of the Week
    Azusa Pacific (1-0 GNAC, 4-1 overall) vs. No. 22 Humboldt State (1-0, 5-0)

    Doesn't this make you excited? As if it couldn't get any better, it's scheduled for Thursday night - tonight - instead of the usual Saturday evening. Great matchup. Great teams. Two days early.

    The winner goes 2-0 in ...
  4. Humboldt cracks the top 25

    It's no surprise to us here in GNAC country of Humboldt State's inclusion in this week's Top 25. The pollsters weren't overly loving with the praise, putting the Lumberjacks at the 25th and final spot. To be honest, it's deserving and given the popularity of national polls, is about where HSU should be. A lot has been said about the 0-11 to 4-0 turnaround and I agree, it's an amazing turnaround. But Humboldt State's 2013 was a perfect storm of injuries, bad luck and dark clouds. This ...

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  5. League play starts!...Sort of

    Besides probably a few die-hard fans in California, the release of this week's top 25 poll surprised very few when a 3-0 Humboldt State team was left off the list. Specific to Division II football, as respected as the poll is for fans, it doesn't determine the playoff spots. Those NCAA regional rankings begin coming out in mid-October, and that's where Humboldt State should focus it's time when it comes to polls. That being said, a potentially 4-0 Lumberjack squad shouldn't ...

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