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  1. CIAA Week 5 / Crossover Week #2

    The big news to come out this week came off the field. The rumors of the CIAA potentially moving the football championship are heating up.The rumors are the fallout of NC’s House Bill 2, and the Bill’s passage has resulted in several athletic events leaving the state.I’m actually surprised to see the CIAA actually make a move on this because 1. NC and the CIAA are synonymous with each other and 2. Where is the championship going to go on short notice?( and if you point to a member school stadium, ...
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  2. RMAC Wk 4 becomes Wk 5, every team every game

    RMAC Leaving Week 4, Approaching Week 5

    My lesson of the week: this column is very long. Please scroll to your interest. I'm still finding my style and this won't be it. There's a lot of information in it but maybe belongs in pieces and not all in one table sitting. Hope you are appreciating an RMAC column again. Feel free to contact me if there is something I can provide to enhance the format and or information. You can follow me on Twitter @RMACd2fb. Thanks for reading.
  3. Arrowhead Week, and Some Quick Hits Around the Region

    College football is so much fun to follow in general, but D2 football, in my opinion, is made even more special because of the level of interaction that fans have with the teams. True, there aren’t 50,000+ fans screaming at the top of their lungs every down in D2, but the fact that, in most cases, you can go down on the field and shake hands with players and coaches is one of the reasons D2 football is so great. And the MIAA is a great league to be a fan in, as the level of competition and the ...

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  4. Previewing Week 5 in the PSAC

    It's hard to believe we're at mid-season already, but here we are steam rolling into week five of the season and week two of divisional play. The schedule is highlighted by a critical PSAC West meeting with Slippery Rock traveling to California. Here is the complete schedule for week five.

    Shippensburg (3-1, 1-1) at Lock Haven (0-4, 0-1) 12:00

    Shippensburg had the best win in the PSAC East last week with a fine 31-14 victory over East Stroudsburg. The Raiders came ...
  5. SAC Column - Week 5

    Newberry and Catawba are poised for a heavyweight prize fight at Setzler Field this Saturday night. Both SAC teams are undefeated in league play, as Catawba has upended Carson-Newman and Wingate with quick jabs, while Newberry delivered a fierce uppercut to Tusculum last weekend.

    You could say both teams bring quarterbacks with good footwork (sound running games) and strong right hands (reliable passing attacks) to the ring. Catawba quarterback Mike Sheehan has 144 yards and four scores ...

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